Tiger Hill

Tiger Hill is one of the most beautiful places to visit while in Darjeeling town, with the most spectacular sunrises possible in the entire North East region. Tiger Hill is also one of the most attractive places in the Top 10 Attraction of Darjeeling and the Best Places to visit at Darjeeling. The magnificent view of snow-capped mountains sitting amidst clouds attracts tourists to Tiger Hill from all over the country.


How to reach Tiger Hill

Tiger Hill in Darjeeling is just over 11km or 6.8 miles away from Darjeeling cowrasta and is above the Ghoom area. After the Ghoom station, you will need to take the uphill Senchal road on the right. It takes about 40 min to reach the summit by vehicle from Darjeeling town. Tiger hill is usually visited early in the morning at around 5am to witness the spectacular sunrise and the illumination of Mt Kachenjunga.


Things you should know about Tiger Hill

During the sunrise; the peaks of the Kanchenjunga Mountain range are illuminated by the sun and can be seen at lower elevations. From Tiger Hill, on a very clear sky you can have a panoramic view of Mount Everest and Kanchenjunga together from the viewing point in necked eye. You can also see Kurseong "The land of white orchids" to the south along with Teesta River in the distance as well as Mahananda River, Balason River, and Mechi River streaming down to the south during a clear and sunny day. If you want to witness the first rays of sun hitting the twin peaks of Kangchenjunga, along with a panoramic view of Everest peeping through the peaks standing by its side, then Tiger Hills make for a perfect sunrise viewing point for you. Perhaps the splendid sunrise through the peaks is what makes it one of the must-visit places in Darjeeling.


Tiger Hill Darjeeling - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is Mount Everest visible from tiger hill?

Mount Everest is just visible from tiger hill and Kanchenjunga looks higher than Mount Everest. This can be seen only when the sky is void of any clouds. The distance from Tiger Hill to Everest is 107 miles (172 km) long in a straight line.

2. When is it a good time to visit Tiger Hills or Thinking about when to visit?

To capture the view of Tiger hill at its best you have to be sure of the seasons that you visit. Weather is relatively cold in Tiger hill with temperatures going just up to 18°Cto 11°C during summers from May to June, With sunny clear days and cold low-pressure winds at night. From July to August is when monsoons usually occur in Darjeeling district; it creates a white blanket of fog and clouds which surrounding all over Darjeeling making the viewing of the sunrise or the mountain ranges impossible. The monsoon season ends in September and makes way for the winter from mid October to February with temperature ranging to 17c to 12c at day and it is common for it to go as low as 6c to -4C at night. During this time the visibility increases.

3. Is it worth visiting Tiger Hill so early in the morning?

To see the sunrise, you need to start early by 4:00am and many of the tourist might find it inconvenient to wake up such early morning. There is a reason, during the season you will find long queue of vehicles before you reach the summit and you might have to walk a little if you are reaching late. Also the observatory and the open space next to it gets full if you are arriving late. All these efforts shine when you are able to see the perfect sunrise along with the yellow glitter in the Kanchenjunga range. The mesmerizing view will take your breath away.

4. What is the fee to visit Tiger hill?

There is an entry fee for every vehicle which is Rs 200. You must check with your driver that the tickets for tiger Hills has been procured; else you will miss it for the day. These permits are issue by the Traffic Sadar to the Taxi drivers. There is a different pricing at the Observatory Tower. The ticket for ground level is Rs 20, 1st floor is Rs 30, and the top floor with seating and better view is Rs 40.

5. What is the cost for visiting Tiger Hill?

A reserved cab from your hotel to Tiger Hill and back would cost you Rs 1400. You can always book a taxi from your Travel partner or ask your Hotel Travel desk. You may get a taxi at a cheaper price if you bargain at the taxi stand just next to Club stand.

6. Can I drive my Car or Bike to Tiger Hill?

Self driven cars are not allowed to be driven to Tiger Hill, however you can take your bike.

7. How can I book my stay in a hotel or homestay near Tiger Hill?

There are no tourist accommodation for the tourist.